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The Plain Truth from a Home Comfort Contractor: Should You Repair or Replace?

Home comfort is a significant investment for homeowners in San Antonio Even after you invest in the equipment, nearly half of your utility bill goes toward heating and cooling.
So, two things are going on here: 1) Initial cost and 2) recurring costs of energy and maintenance. Since initial cost is very high (and often the more expensive it is, the more efficient), some contractors may attempt to “sell” you a system based purely on energy savings.
Though an energy-efficient replacement is possibly a good idea, regular maintenance of your current system is far less costly. And there are smart ways to shop for a new system, versus merely expensive ways to shop.
Regular maintenance on your system maintains peak performance and energy efficiency. However, as systems age, breakdowns and poor performance will inevitably lead to a big question: “Should we repair or replace?” How can you make that decision?

3 Top Reasons to Strongly Consider Replacement

4 Top Reasons to Strongly Consider an Accessory Upgrade Only

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